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Seba Bank and Tokensoft International AG to enter strategic partnership for asset tokenization

  • Two industry leaders, Seba Bank and Tokensoft International AG, enter into a strategic partnership for asset tokenization.

  • Tokensoft's innovative tokenization platofrm will become an integral component of SEBA's asset tokenization offering for existing and emerging client demands.

Zug, Switzerland May 11 2020 - SEBA Bank AG (SEBA), a leading integrated bank for digital and traditional asset services headquartered in Switzerland, and Tokensoft International AG (Tokensoft), a leading technology platform, are proud to announce their strategic partnership in asset tokenization. Tokensoft's innovative tokenization platform will become an integral component of SEBA's asset tokenization services. US-based Tokensoft Inc. provides the technology to Tokensoft for the provision of tokenization solutions and blockchain software services in Switzerland and Europe.

SEBA and Tokensoft have been collaborating closely on a range of digital client solutions and technologies and are pleased these will be made available as part of this strategic partnership with the primary goal of:

  • Broadening SEBA's tailored asset tokenization technology and advisory solutions for institutions and qualified private individuals, allowing clients to design, structure, issue and manage digital assets on SEBA's platform.

  • Combining Tokensoft's deep technology expertise as well as critical market infrastructure utilities with SEBA's profound financial market knowledge and enterprise grade tokenization capabilities to offer it to a wider range of clients, and

  • Promoting common tokenization standards to ensure interoperability between blockchain and traditional financial systems, bridging traditional fiat-banking with both existing and emerging digital banking processes and technology.

Matthew Alexander, Head of Asset Tokenization at SEBA:

"We are convinced that this strategic partnership will enable us to provide our clients with enhanced tokenization technology and solutions to suit existing and emerging demands. As one of the leading security token issuance and asset servicing platforms, Tokensoft's core competencies perfectly complement our existing asset tokenization capabilities. Our Asset Tokenization division offers enterprise grade solutions, with our Swiss banking license assuring the highest standards in security and stability."

Mason Borda, CEO of Tokensoft Inc.:

"Switzerland has been at the forefront of digital asset development - SEBA is globally one of the first banks with a focus on digital assets, which received a banking and securities dealer license from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). We believe that such partnerships are the kind of careful, detailed groundwork that will lay the foundation for a robust Digital Asset Economy in the years to come."

About SEBA
SEBA is a pioneer in the financial industry, building a progressive technological bridge between the digital and traditional asset, worlds, founded in April 2018 and headquartered in (Zug) Switzerland. SEBA received a Swiss banking and securities dealer licence in August 2019 - the first time a reputable, regulatory authority such as FINMA has granted a licence to a financial services provider with a focus on digital assets. The wide and vertically integrated spectrum of services as well as the high security standards make SEBA's value proposition unique. SEBA enables clients to invest, safely keep, trade and borrow against traditional and digital asset as well as issue tokens in the future, all in one place.

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About Tokensoft
Tokensoft International AG, based in Zug, Switzerland, is a distributor of Tokensoft Inc. technology. Tokensoft International AG serves enterprises, asset managers, and financial institutions with technology designed to meet Swiss and European cloud and regulatory requirements.

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Tokensoft International AG Partners with Tokensoft Inc.

Tokensoft International AG licenses Tokensoft Inc. software to serve the Swiss market

Zug, Switzerland May 6 2020 - Tokensoft International AG, a Swiss corporation based in the canton of Zug that serves enterprises, asset managers and financial institutions seeking to issue blockchain-enabled securities, announced today its partnership with Tokensoft Inc.

Tokensoft Inc., has agreed to a licensing agreement allowing Tokensoft International AG to distribute its software exclusively in the Swiss and European Union markets.

Tokensoft International AG is excited to provide the market with:

  • Best in class infrastructure - Proven to meet securities regulations in over 50 countries while processing thousands of investors per day.
  • Tailored Compliance - Re-designed to meet Swiss and European financial institutions regulatory guidelines.
  • Custody Support - Compatible with various storage methods including cold-storage and on-premise HSMs.
Tokensoft International AG is excited to continue to support the Swiss market, one that continues to be at the forefront of blockchain technology and its adaptation into the financial markets.